What Exactly Does A Childless Housewives Do All Day ?

Hey, how are you doing sweetie?

A chick asks…

” Personally I know only a few housewives. Most women these days are career women regardless they have kids or not. And those few housewives that I know have at least one kid and unless they have a small kid or have plenty of kids, their lives are practically so easy and stress-free. Their busy hours are only a few hours around breakfast time and around dinner time. While for the rest of the day at the most they just do some small errands at their own pace. So I really cant imagine how life is for a housewife who doesnt even have a single child. Life must be a bliss for them.
What Exactly Does a Childless Housewife Do All Day?”
— Emily Moser, Los Angeles

My dear lady, this is a very interesting question which my answer will destroy many prejudices, thank you for asking it.

This is a prejudice which housewives without kids often face.It’s not because you don’t have kids and you don’t work, your life is necessarily a golden life or it looks like the TV series ” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “

Most girls think the same about us, childless housewives. We are spoiled women who take advantage of our husbands. And that we are not worth much compared to those who have children or those without children but who work or those who have children and a job.

And you what kind of women are you?

One thing’s for sure honey, you’re not one of those spoiled, lazy women some people think you are.

It’s time to know what you are worth and showed the world what you have in the belly!

Do you want to easily find out how to become the woman you can be even more proud of? The one who despite her status as a childless housewife earns a salary as high as her husband? The one who becomes an independent woman and who finally gets the balanced life that she always wanted to have, my dear?

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