Jealous of childless houswives?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties?

A mom asks…

My neighbors are a couple with a childless houswife in either their late 30s or early 40s so they don’t have children. I constantly see them outside gardening, lounging on their hammock, reading books, napping outside, hosting dinner parties outside…i get a little jealous of their free time!! We chatted today and they have three international vacations planned for the next few months. I love my kids and life but I do get a bit of envy. My cousin who is like a sister to me has also decided not to have kids. She and her husband travel a bunch too…
Jealous of childless houswives?
— Autumn McGrow, KS

What questioning full of sincerity. I think a lot of working moms at home have these kinds of ambiguous feelings. Thank you for your sincerity Autumn!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when we answer the question: “Do you have kids ?”
Of course we answer NO.                                                                                        Then it’s: “Oh you must have time to live, shop, get your hair done. I wish I had all your time sometimes.”
People imagine that because we don’t have children, we are all loaded with money because of our husband’s job. People can’t imagine that life can be complicated for everyone. It’s a strange kind of jealousy. They envy our life, but just for some advantages.

When I say a strange kind of jealousy, because I think it’s more misplaced curiosity than jealousy. These women have no desire to have our lives, they wouldn’t change their role as mothers for anything in the world for a life without children. They have made the choice to be mothers and they should be proud of it.

What they are saying, in my opinion, is that they think we are selfish people who have chosen a more comfortable life rather than being a mother.

We are often seen by a few people as curious beasts who have made a choice unthinkable for them. So we are often pictured sleeping on a mattress of dollars thanks to our very rich husband.

This is not fair, but we must learn to deal with any different way of thinking!

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