Is there something wrong with being a childless housewife?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties?

A young girl asks…

There’s a stigma attached to being a childless housewife these days, so I pretend to be independent, but secretly I want to be a housewife. It’s not that I’m lazy with school. I’m in my 20s and I have my Bachelors degree, a 2-year diploma, and I plan to take an online Masters program (which take 2-2.5 years for part-time) after I work for half a year. So mostly likely I have have my Masters done by the time I’m 30. (…) Second reason is because I don’t want to do 35-40hrs a week of work and then come home and do chores. I know the husband can do chores too, but let’s face it, men just aren’t thrilled of doing chores. Women are more inclined to want to live in a clean home, so the women will usually have to suck it up and do the majority of the housework (like maybe 60-70%) even if they know that it’s unfair. Like no way I’m going to work full-time and doing most of the housework lol
Is there something wrong with being a  Childless housewife?

— Megan Olson,NYC


What a great summary of what can lead a young married or partnered woman to become a childless housewife. Thank you so much Megan from New York City!

It is true that when people think of childless housewives, they often think of a brainless woman or a trophy wife who lives to enjoy her husband’s money and just to take advantage of him. But as Megan explains so well, and many of us do, we have a university education and professional experience.

When childless housewives talk about their status, they often feel like they are doing something wrong because of people’s reactions.

But making the choice Megan did, is not a lazy choice. It is simply a life choice. Like housewives with children who choose to take care of their home, husband and children. It’s another way of looking at our priorities.

What Megan has pointed out and which concerns many women with or without children, is the double day. Getting up at 6am, to start the day at the office from 9am to 5pm. Then come home to take care of the house, cooking and family. And let’s not forget the end of the day with your man, which after a long day like this can become more of a duty than a pleasure!

So no ladies, you don’t have to be your own slave if that’s the feeling you get from working 40 hours weeks. You have the right to live the life you want without feeling ashamed and having to justify it.

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