Imputing Income to Childless Housewife — All Work, No Paycheck

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As I often tell you in my previous posts, people tend to wonder what a housewife does all day. Especially if the housewife doesn’t have kids. Have you ever thought about what it would actually cost to hire anybody to assume the duties of the full-time housewife? There are studies and statistics that say that it would cost about $30,000 per year to hire someone to do all of the tasks and services that a homemaker provides.

So ladies do not underestimate yourself, your work has a real value which is not negligible. I’ve seen the list broken down, and just a few of the items on such as list are:

Food Buyer $2,745 a Year!

Time spent as a food buyer is about three hours per week. Food buyer’s average pay is $17.60 per hour, so just buying food each week would cost $52.80. Now you need to multiply the value of that ONE task by 52 to determine the annual value and that comes to a total of $2,745.60! And that is JUST for making a grocery list and buying the weekly groceries!

Yeah, so when people laugh at you for going out shopping and they say you shop all day. Tell them that your job is also to feed your household and that without you nobody can eat.

Cooking $5,179.20 a Year!

Cooks (even the ones at the local fast food joint) make about $8.30 per hour. The average homemaker spends about 12 hours each week cooking, so the real monetary value of cooking is $99.60 each week, and that comes to $5,179.20 each year. We haven’t even scratched the surface of the list of tasks performed by and services provided by a homemaker.

You’re going to tell me all this money I’m not making is fine, but in all of this where can I really make money. I’m going to disappoint you, but being a hardworking woman at home won’t make you a great businesswoman.

Earn a Great Paycheck Ladies!!

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