I’m So Depressed Right Now…I Could Cry…

Hey, how are you doing sweeties?

A woman says …

I think I should cry maybe I’ll feel better…I’m so tired of begging my husband to help me out…cleanup after him..I’m sick of cleaning..cooking..doing laundry…doing bills.. I’m tired of trying to make my legally blind brother happy….I’m just sick sick sick of it all..My husband does nothing but take the garbage to the dump..and mow the lawn..thats it! Oh and he does work 40 hrs a week..I guess I should be grateful for that.. I know that things can always be worse and poeple have it worse than me…but I’m tired of doing the same things everyday…
I’m so depressed right now…I could cry…

— Mel, MI

We are housewives like the others!

I’m sure that many homeworkers feel the same way as you do sometimes, whether they have children or not. Thank you for daring to talk about it because it’s not easy to admit it.

The world of childfree housewives is not all glitz and glamour as some people might think. Yes, we also do all the housework and budgeting for our couple just like housewives with children. I assure you that it can be just as frustrating and tiring as for everyone else.Yes, the world of chilfree housewives can be a great joy. It is another way of life and fulfillment. But like all people who love what they do, there can be days when you don’t feel like getting up. Days when we don’t want to do what we set out to do.

However, unlike women who work in an office in an important position, we don’t have an assistant or secretary to do it for us. If things don’t get done, they just don’t get done and rarely will anyone do it for us

Don't apologize for your lifestyle choices

Often our families, like Mel’s, ask us to do more for them. Well yeah, since we don’t work, we have to have time to do the brother’s laundry at the same time we do our own. We have time to pick up our nephew from school, since our days are not stressful according to our relatives.

So it’s true that our husband works all day and he has the right to rest. But please don’t act as if you have to apologize for being a housewife and you can’t ask your husband to do anything but take out the trash. You have the right to be fulfilled in other ways than doing the daily chores, because if you don’t, you will end up in the same sad state as Mel and slide into low self-esteem and maybe even depression.

You have to learn to delegate to your husband as well, on weekends for example, and take care of yourself as you take care of others.

Change your routine

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