I’m Curious: Any Housewives (no kids) Here?

Hey, how are you doing sweetie?

A lady asks…

“This is just me being curious / nosy. I’m currently a stay-at-home wife / housewife with no children. I don’t know any other women in this situation, so I’m wondering if I’m a unicorn or just in an environment where this isn’t the norm.
Where are my people ?! Lol!  
I’m Curious: Any Housewives (no kids)Here?
— Shalonda Mclaughin, FL

Shalonda asks a very interesting question. It’s a really good idea to ask around if anyone else is in your situation. The answers might surprise you.

As a childless housewives we often feel lonely and misunderstood. Especially those around us are often in the “norms” in our society so that makes us think that there are very few people who look like us. This is because apart from criticisms about our choice of life, we rarely hear from other women who have made the same choice as us.

But I reassure you Shalonda. YES! There are other people like you in the room. In my last post, I told you about the loneliness that housewives without children can feel. Well, that’s just as much a part of the loneliness that we can feel in a group. We are so used to the sidelong glances that those around us give us on our lifestyle that we think that it is necessarily only us who have made this choice of life.

We are many more women than we realize who have made a choice different from the rest of society. The only problem is that our isolation in our groups of friends and family distorts our way of thinking.

So let’s be proud of what we have in common because life is not in black or white. It’s made in lots of shades of gray and we found our own, ladies!

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You could do this great activity both online and face to face. That’s the power of this great idea. But of course you can also register just online if you prefer. The adventure will always be as beautiful and interesting as it is online or in real life.

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