If you are a childless houswife, how much Does your spouse make ?

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A woman asks …

How many couples do you know who don’t have kids and the wife doesn’t work? They’re obviously out there, but this seems Like a real outlier situation.

If you are a childless houswife, how much
Does your spouse make ?

–Sandra Moston,FL

Thank you Sandra for asking this question that many people ask to themselves, without daring to ask the question to the person concerned. This is one of the many stereotypes surrounding childless couples. Even if it is true that with only one very good or modest salary, life is cheaper for a couple without children. However, a housewife without children is not necessarily married to a millionaire. There are plenty of reasons that lead a woman to make this choice. But it is a choice made by two persons.

Contrary to what Sandra said, it is not uncommon to be a housewife without children. What is rare is to dare to say it without being afraid of being judged. When it comes to the couple’s money, this is not always the first reason a couple chooses that one partner does not work.

Of course having a lot of money can help to have an even freer life. But from what I have heard it is often a decision between a husband and his wife and it is to spend more time together.

Sometimes the couple flourish more in this pattern of life rather than the two having such busy careers that they never see each other and end up being strangers. Everyone finds a balance in the life of a couple. It is not just a question of money.

But let’s not kid ourselves ladies! Money is always important. I don’t know anyone except the men and women of churches who take vows of poverty. So as a childless housewife, we are always committed to making our home as pleasant as possible. And money is one of those nice things, but we don’t have to wait on our wonderful husbands to earn a good salary to further develop our lives as women and as couples.

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