I Used To Judge Childless Housewife- Did She Not Like Children?

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I was as guilty as the rest of my friends: speculating on her “situation”, wondering if she couldn’t have children or didn’t want to. And if she didn’t want to – why not?
(…) I’ve since discovered, has simply chosen not to have children. She is happy for her family to be just her husband and herself. She has never felt the urge to be a mother.
I used to judge childfree women – Did she not like children?
— Barbara Lockhart,CA

Thanks for your question Barbara and don’t feel guilty for thinking it. My own mother asked me this question several times. Let us answer this very good question once and for all.

Rumors, rumors and more rumors! People and especially women who decide to take atypical paths in life are often seen as strange things that must necessarily be misjudged. That’s right! Women who decide not to have children are already a curiosity. But when we decide to be childless housewives to support our family otherwise we are pointed out by some people as not liking the traditional family.

In order to cope with the rumors about our life style, we need to have a strong mind. Because it often happens within our personal circle, our friends and family. Unfortunately it is often the people closest to us who judge us the most harshly. They expect us to behave according to their normality and if we don’t, unpleasant remarks and sideways glances and rumors behind our backs can start.

I think I can answer for most childless housewives. It’s not that we like or dislike children, it’s simply a desire to live differently. We feel fulfilled in our choice and so do our husbands. The important thing is to be a fulfilled woman and not to be afraid to take our own path.

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