How Chilldfree Housewives Curb Impulse Buying

How are you Sweeties!

Impulse buying is one of the booger-bears that full-time housewives need to face and overcome. You are, of course, not the only ones who face (and succumb to) the temptation of impulse buying, but the fact is that childfree housewives have even more opportunities than others to make emotional purchases. .

Generally, full-time childfree housewives are the ones who have control of couple spending. This is totally normal because you are the one who is always faced with the budget of your couple’s purchases. You are the one who shops for groceries, runs the errands, and makes the choices about discretionary spending. Then again, as a childfree housewife , you certainly have to admit that you are tempted to make impulse purchases. It can be a real problem for your budget and you’ll eat up all your finances and block your credit card if you don’t learn to control yourself.

Several suggestions that will help you take control of impulse buying:

Create Budget:

This budget needs to put saving first and spending second. Sufficient amounts should be allowed for necessities, but only a minimum amount should be allocated for discretionary spending.

The 30 Days Test:

Impose to yourself a 30-day waiting period for all spending on things other than necessities. When a need (something that is desired but not a necessity) is anticipated, put it on the 30-day waiting period list and do not purchase the item during the ensuing 30-day period.These 30 days will really allow you to take stock of your desires and will no longer place you as a slave to your emotions.

Stay Away From Temptation:

Walking through the local mall for entertainment is a recipe for impulse buying, and visiting retail merchant websites on the Internet and watching home shopping television are also recipes for impulse buying.These places are made for people who are emotionally fragile when it comes to emotional expenditure. It’s a bit like dropping a child into a toy store and telling him/her that he/she is not allowed to touch anything. It is simply impossible or very difficult, sometimes even torture.

Keep Your Distance From Your Credit Card:

The idea here is just not to make them handy so that you will have time to reconsider a purchase while you are digging out a credit card or a checkbook.It’s a bit like a diet. When we tell ourselves we’re going to eat crackers instead of doughnuts. That we’re going to drink water instead of soda, but still keep the donuts and soda next to us. Again, this is torture and makes exercise impossible or very difficult. It’s better to hide it all and use it only rarely.


Impulse buying can cause big financial problems, and it can cause even bigger personal relationship problems. There are ways to learn to control those impulses. You’ll be glad that you did!

Welcome Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

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Life is about enjoying it and not feeling guilty every time you pull out your credit card to indulge yourself. So make the right decision and regain your financial independence.

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