Housewife Without Degrees?

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So for the last year or so I have been questioning if I should go back to school. I am almost done with a AA, which I know wont help me in the least, so I thought I would go on and get my BA after. My problem is I don’t know why I want to do this. I feel like I have no interest in college but I feel like society is forcing me to go back (…)
My husband says we don’t really have the money for college now anyway and I should just relax and be a stay at home wife. I like being a stay at home wife but I also would like something to do part time. I guess I just feel like I am failing because I don’t have a degree or aspirations for one really.
Housewives without degrees?
–Katherine Mallon,MS

Thank you for your question Katherine. This is an issue that housewives with or without children don’t often talk about. But it can really be a burden in a life.

Although being a chilfree housewife is a lifestyle choice for your couple. It can happen that a woman leaves the working world to take care of her home without having a degree. This may not be very reassuring because you never know what life has in store for you and sometimes they think that a degree could help them.Having a degree is essential to start a life with a decent salary, especially for us, women. We’ve seen enough people say to us, “Oh, if I had gone to college I wouldn’t be here, I’d have a better job!”

But going to university can be particularly expensive and not everyone can find a way to pay for it and pay back the scholarship afterwards. However Katherine is right to think about it because it’s a good way to get ahead in life and have more insurance to get back into the working world if you ever want to.


There are many ways to succeed without a degree and earn a much higher salary than most people.


Then of course there is a good solution to find funding for your studies without going through the traditional scholarship system


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