Homemaking Is The Ultimate Career

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There is a poem by William Ross Wallace that is often quoted. The first verse is:

“Blessings on the hand of women! Angels guard its strength and grace, In the palace, cottage, hovel, Oh, no matter where the place; Would that never storms assailed it, Rainbows ever gently curled; For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world.

Okay, your hands aren’t cradling cribs because you don’t have children, but you get the idea. What you do in your lives as homemakers is essential.

Mothers Have Made You Strong

How many times, when you have been in the process of making an important decision, have your mother’s words come to mind? If you are like most people, the answer is often…very often. Our mothers shaped us and helped us become the people that we are today. Today we have become women, women proud of our choices thanks to the support of our beloved mothers. Even if our choice of not having children and stopping our career or never starting one to become a housewife. And support our couple in another way is not always understood by our families

Homemaking really do make up the ultimate career. While during the years that the work is being done, the homemaker might appear to not be powerful, she really IS powerful. Too many times, the world overlooks the value of homemaking. These awesome responsibilities are put on the “back burner” or put into the “part-time” department — done as an after thought. But think again, pretentious people! If housewives with or without children had not made this choice, many families and couples might not have been able to make it. Just accept the idea that different people are just as happy and fulfilled and contribute as much to society as you who are employed. And yes! Being a housewife is a career in its own right.

The Most Sane Job In The World!

The hand that cooks the meals and does the laundry really does rule the world. Homemaking is the most important jobs in the world. We could survive without another lawyer, or doctor, or engineer, but the world would “go to hell in a handbasket” without homemakers.

Perhaps if more respect was given to those who choose to be full-time homemakers, the world would become a better place!

Become Whoever You Want To Be!

Nothing prevents you from making a career differently than most people who work. Being a childfree housewife can be a full life filled with surprises. However, you may want to regain your independence without having to leave your life as a housewife.

So don’t hesitate to become a businesswoman at home. In my “Childless Housewives Business Woman Newsletter”, you will discover a world full of possibilities where a successful career doesn’t mean getting up at 6am and going home at 7pm. No, it will be more like staying at home, developing yourself and making money.


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