Homemaking Is Not Unemployment

Hello Sweeties!!

I’ve heard full-time childfree houswives say, “Oh, I don’t work. I am JUST a housewife.” That makes me see red. There is no JUST in homemaking. Homemaking is NOT AT ALL being unemployed. If a person is unemployed, that means that they need to BE employed. You don’t need to be employed you have a job — a full-time job! What you do all day, every day, has value.

It is not a correct assessment of yourself to say that you are useless because you do not receive a salary in your bank account. Salary is the value that a company estimates for you. But that doesn’t mean that because no one puts a price tag on EVERYTHING you do at home, you are worthless and that you are just a housewife with no kids and no job.

Your Job Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

If you can’t imagine what you’re worth MONETARILY, then try paying someone to do everything you do day in and day out at home. And that’s not all! Last year, the work of a housewife was estimated at $140,000 per year. That’s a lot of bucks!You see? You’ve got the salary of a great business leader.

The problem is that the rest of the world is out of step when it comes to acknowledging the value of homemaking. The insurance industry, for example, places a much lower value on the life of a homemaker than they do on that of a the highest-paid brick and stone mason helper who makes a MAXIMUM of about $33,000 per year. Is that fair? Not by a long shot! Especially if we see that as housewives our work is valued at $ 140,000 !

The Ruthless Working World

And I’m not even talking about what happens if, as a childlfree housewife, you feel like going back to the working world. The years that she spent as a full-time homemaker do not count as any kind of experience that will help her secure a well-paying job. As far as job interviews are concerned, a full-time homemaker has been unemployed.

Get Your Business World!

But don’t worry ladies! There are opportunities for women like us who are undervalued.If you want to start a lucrative business that won’t require you to leave your comfortable life as a childfree housewife, be sure to check out my “Childless Housewife Business Women Newsletter“.You will have the opportunity to join one of the best women’s clubs that I know and that will help you see yourself as you are. I mean a woman capable of doing great things with her life.

Maybe the rest of the world will finally get it right too. Until it does, however, if you are a full-time childfree housewife, be sure to recognize your own value — it’s real!


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