The Very Modern Housewives

How are you sweeties!

Some women tend to say that being a housewife is outdated and that they want to live in a bygone era. But I think that some people don’t remember what the old days were like, because we are lucky enough to have never known them.

Times have changed ladies ! We may be childfree housewives but in the same sense as our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers were homemakers in that we take care of our homes but we have no dependent children, and we certainly don’t do housekeeping tasks the way that any generation before us has done them. Life really has gotten easier — more complicated, without a doubt, but still easier.

Technology Has Set Us Free!

I had to laugh at myself not long ago when, in my usual mad dash to get the things done that needed to be done, I grabbed a package of chicken out of my frost-free freezer, threw it into my programmable microwave to thaw, and then seasoned it with store-bought seasonings from my spice cabinet. Then I put it into my slow cooker (also programmable) so that it would cook very slowly and hopefully come out tasting like a dish that my grandmother made.

Do you realize that before the wonderful programmable oven, housewives were slaves to themselves! They had no time for anything but preparing food, cooking it for the whole family and doing the same thing several times a day.And I’m not even talking about preparing a simple chicken! If she planned on cooking chicken, she went outside, caught one, killed it, cleaned it, and prepared it to cook. (YUCK!)

And what about the freezer! My grandmother didn’t have one of those. She had a refrigerator that had a little freezing compartment at the top that was large enough to make ice cubes, and it wasn’t frost free. It had to be defrosted regularly.

Even though the refregerator was already an improvement at that time, it was not a gift to maintain it either. Everything took so much longer and was so much more unpleasant. I can believe that if working women think of today’s housewives in this dated image, they pity us!


Gone Are the Days of Homemade Everything

If she wanted to season the meat, she grew almost all of the spices that she used in her herb garden, which she planted and tended herself. She cooked the meat dish slowly on the back of the stove, but she had to watch it carefully to prevent burning — there was nothing automatic or programmable about the back burner on the kitchen stove. Today, thanks to the technology’s progress , housewives are masters of their own time, especially when we have made the choice with our husbands to live for ourselves without children.

So yes, we are childfree housewives , but above all we have time for ourselves to live our lives as we wish. So why not try the adventure of home-based entrepreneurship and become a great childfree housewife businesswoman?Check out my Childless Housewife Business Woman Newsletter and you’ll see that it’s not at all complicated to make the switch to business.

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