Can a childless housewife get to have friends?

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Hello! I am a 28 yo Australian that has lived in the UK for the last 8 years. I have moved here with my husband and currently don’t have a job. We are living in Central. I am looking for female friends for lunch/coffee, walking around or any other activity you would be interested in. I would really love to meet with others that are free during the day. However if you are not available at that time, dinner/drinks would also be suitable.

Can a childless housewife get to have friends? ''

— Anna Parker, UK

Can childless housewives easily have friends? It is true that most people think that a housewife without children necessarily has a multitude of friends and she spends her time with them shopping and walking around all day. The opposite is more often true.

Loneliness is a problem that can easily appear in the world of housewives especially those without children. Socializing is often done in the working world or when a woman has children they meet the parents of her children’s friends. A childless housewife who may be introverted may have a much harder time connecting with other people.

But yes a housewife without children can have friends. It is not incompatible to be a shy and inrovert woman and to make lots of friends. It’s not just social media where you can walk around to meet people. Meeting people face to face is much more pleasant.

Socializing can be a great motivator for taking care of yourself and making plans. To meet people, there are associations, clubs or sports courses. Meeting other people in this type of place is much easier because you already know that you have something in common.

If your desire is to have a fulfilling social life. To meet interesting people who can do much more than just invite you over for a cup of coffee. Friends who will help you gain confidence and who will make you realize that you are worth more than you think.

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