Be Honest: Do You Just Want To Be A Housewife ‘Cause You’re Lazy ?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties?

A clever woman asks …

I’m genuinely curious into why some women aspire to be chilfree housewives or are comfortable being childfree housewives for years and the thought of even lifting a finger to make their own money scares them.I understand that this is a preference, and by all means, pursue what makes you happy in life, but what’s the REAL reason you chose to not have financial independence.(…)do you not ever have fears of him leaving or even possibly becoming abusive? At this point in time, how would you be able to take Care of you without any savings?
Be honest: Do you just want to be a housewife b/c you’re lazy?

What a smart, witty question, Mary-Jane! Thank you for daring to ask it.

Childless housewives, we are far from lazy and brainless women. We didn’t make this choice for laziness or to take advantage of our husbands’ wages and twiddle our thumbs all day. This is not a very pleasant question, but it is worth asking.

I have to say one thing, in her somewhat unpleasant question, Mary-Jane raises a very common theme among people who talk about housewives in general.

Our choice is disturbing to many. This lifestyle is often debated among women. For having made the choice to stay at home to take care of her children makes more sense. Than a woman without children who makes the choice to take care of her home and her couple, this makes an unnecessary sacrifice.

When we make this choice, it is based on various reasons. It may be after being fired, or because the couple wants to spend more time together, instead of running into each other at the breakfast table or in their bedroom at night. In any case, it is a choice to support our home in another way and certainly not a stupid and venal choice.

The fear of tomorrow exists for everyone, whether you are a housewife with or without children. Mary-Jane tells us about husbands who may be abusive or may leave us. I think that anyone on this planet could go through this type of situation without being a housewife.

Our status does not define who we are. A housewife can have many more resources than a woman with a job. Most of us have degrees and professional training. If not, don’t worry about us Mary-Jane, many housewives protect their backs so they don’t end up with nothing.

But I do want to thank Mary-Jane for one thing. There is nothing better for an adult woman or man than to be completely independent financially. Not to depend on a boss or a husband for money.

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