Continuing Education Even If You Are a Childfree Housewife

There Is No Age To Learn Many full-time chilfree homemakers, both young or sometime older , are taking full advantage of the opportunity for continuing education that is offered both at local community colleges and on the Internet. Just because a woman decides to stay at home and be a full-time childfree homemaker doesn’t mean […]

Could I Become a Full Time Childfree Housewife ?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A nice wife asks … ahh, how I would love to just give my notice at work and become a full time homemaker…. husband isn’t convinced that we can make it on his income alone… Could I become a full time childfree houswife ? — Jessica Hollow, AZ This […]

Overcoming The Boredom Of The Desperate Housewife

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? Let’s face it. There are many rewards of being a full-time childfree homemaker, but as I already told you, homemaking is a very lonely job. When a housewife does not socialize for many different reasons (shyness, phobias of crowds, lack of confidence …). You can start to limit yourself […]

Be Honest: Do You Just Want To Be A Housewife ‘Cause You’re Lazy ?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A clever woman asks … I’m genuinely curious into why some women aspire to be chilfree housewives or are comfortable being childfree housewives for years and the thought of even lifting a finger to make their own money scares them.I understand that this is a preference, and by all […]

Housewife Without Degrees?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A great girl asks … So for the last year or so I have been questioning if I should go back to school. I am almost done with a AA, which I know wont help me in the least, so I thought I would go on and get my […]

How To Make Extra Money From Home As A Houswife ?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A young woman asks … Have you thought of becoming a sales rep? – As long as you have the self control, it could make a bit of extra $. Or you could look for only p/t children to watch How to make extra money from home as a […]

I Used To Judge Childless Housewife- Did She Not Like Children?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A great lady asks … I was as guilty as the rest of my friends: speculating on her “situation”, wondering if she couldn’t have children or didn’t want to. And if she didn’t want to – why not? (…) I’ve since discovered, has simply chosen not to have children. […]

Imputing Income to Childless Housewife — All Work, No Paycheck

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? As I often tell you in my previous posts, people tend to wonder what a housewife does all day. Especially if the housewife doesn’t have kids. Have you ever thought about what it would actually cost to hire anybody to assume the duties of the full-time housewife? There are […]

Homemaker Is Not A Job ! – The Many Hats of a Homemaker

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? Contrary to popular belief, being a childless housewife is also a full time job. – and I DO mean FULL TIME. The job comes with no guaranteed benefits, no retirement plan, and no days off (not even weekends). All of the days are 24 hours long, and there are […]

Jealous of childless houswives?

Hey, how are you doing sweeties? A mom asks… My neighbors are a couple with a childless houswife in either their late 30s or early 40s so they don’t have children. I constantly see them outside gardening, lounging on their hammock, reading books, napping outside, hosting dinner parties outside…i get a little jealous of their […]